The story of DIG

Dig was the last track we recorded in the couple of days Island Blue granted back in 2001. One those tracks that comes on the hoof when there’s a little time left over. The lyrics took on the shape of consoling chat between two lovers. I call it an austerity love song now, as the lover goes over the ‘gifts’ he’s shoplifted in order to help. The snow flakes referred to the weather and nothing else, Santa’s grotto and John and Yoko pop up (Merry Christmas War is Over) taking us into festive territory. Dig was explained in my book dadless as a Xmas #1 on Planet Zarg, so if your not one of the few hundred people that bought the Ignition mini-album back in the day you can hear it now. It comes with instructions hug a loved one and/or hug your self and Dig in.

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